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Notes from the Tidy Towns Public Meeting held on the 14th May 2014

Tidy Towns thank the 60 residents, business owners,Councillors and candidates who attended the meeting (and to sincerely apologise to any who came to the previous cancelled date).

Susan Fanning, TT Chair, gave an overview of the regular activities of the group, highlighting the Committee’s year round hard work, the great turnout for the Spring Clean in April and looking for volunteers, especially Mondays at 10am and Thursdays at 7pm (meet at St Anne’s Church) for special group projects to help get Shankill in ‘judging condition’ before June. The Litter Group, Graffiti and Gardening Groups are also looking for volunteers to commit to an hour or so a week.

Diarmuid McAree reported on the Trees for All project (which won us a Biodiversity award last year); we have now planted approximately 8,300 trees towards our goal of 14,382. This needs help from someone to input to the database.

Simone Janssens gave an overview of all the TT projects currently underway or in planning stages, including the welcome news that the new shopping centre is scheduled to be open by Christmas 2014 and was able to show the plans for the Development. The meeting provided a great platform for feedback, and a couple of planned projects may be revised as a result. Some items led to discussions outside the remit of Tidy Towns, and Councillors Denis O’Callaghan and Carrie Smyth were able to provide insight into the Council’s plans and decision process in the area of the DART Station, parking in residential areas and the difficulty in providing more bins, especially special dog dirt bins. Keep talking to your Councillors about these issues so they can keep them on the Council’s agenda.

The Shankill Business Group were well represented and committed to supporting Tidy Towns plans for projects in the village main street; it was good to hear the café will shortly reopen and the Group will explore the suggestion of a shop-in-Shankill initiative to promote using local businesses. It is hoped that more businesses in Shankill will join in.

The committee appreciate everyone is busy and has their own agenda, but it would be great if the work could be shared so that more people give just a little time and effort to making Shankill look good year round.

For more information, to notify of a tree planting, see photos, or to hear about events, see the shankillmatters.com website, or contact us at shankillmatters@gmail. com.

Shankill Tidy Towns – be in it to win it!

Shankill Tidy Towns Public Meeting Wednesday 14th May 8pm @ St Anne’s School

Shankill Tidy Towns Public Meeting
Wed 14th May 8pm
St. Anne’s National School

All Welcome

Please come along and hear about what projects are planned for this coming year and have your say on the future vision for Shankill.

Items for discussion will include the following

  • Shankill DART Station
  • The new shopping center (update)
  • Shankill Traders
  • New Park planned for green area in-front of DART station
  • Community Art Project
  • Quinn’s Road Lane (at tennis club)
  • Trees for all Project
  • Long Term Vision for Shankill/ open discussion

Shankill Tidy Towns Public meeting

We would like to sincerely apologise to those of you who turned up to the meeting on the 30th of April.  The meeting was postponed to the 14th May and we apologise for not publicising this change of date clearly enough within the community.

The meeting will now take place at 8pm at St Anne;s school on Wednesday 14th May 2014.

Hope to see you there!

Public meeting in Shankill

We, the Shankill Tidy Towns group,  are going to hold a public meeting on Wed 14th May. Everyone is welcome. It will be an opportunity for us to get together and voice our views on what we can do to continue to improve Shankill.

We will discuss details of a three year plan for the area to ensure that Shankill remains a great place in which to work, visit and live.  It will be an open forum to allow the views of residents to be heard, reviewed and included.

Update on Shankill Shopping Centre
DART station carpark
Recreational park adjacent to the DART station
Shanganagh Road
Public Art project
Trees for All and more……..

@ St Anne’s National School, 8pm Wednesday 14th April. Everyone welcome — at st anne’s school shankill.